Clemens Lansing

Senior Finance Professional

At the start of the program I felt frequently anxious, I wanted a new professional challenge and yet was afraid of it. I felt restless and wanted to lay the foundation for a new chapter in my life. I wanted a sparring partner in defining my next steps.


Working with Marika I have found my sparring partner. We defined my professional options which were consistent with where I am in life. We arrived at a clearer understanding of myself which facilitated a greater confidence in my feelings toward myself and others.

A year later I opened a new chapter of my life: I started a new job that is based in Zurich – after 24 years in London. I am very happy with this change and it feels that these changes could be sustainable and that really new things are opening up for me.

My ability to read others has continued to improve and the people closest to me have become even more important to me. I am more self-compassionate, self-accepting, and I rate my personal wellbeing higher than before. I am seeing and enjoying the daily beauties a little more.


Marika’s combination of the very personal, soft, inner aspects with discussions around career, and her clear understanding of both angles and how they intertwine, has brought about both the enjoyment and success of the program.


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