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Marika Messager

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We’ll work together giving you the clarity to achieve your next step in your career/business


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Let’s explore together how you can manage your fears and not let them hold you back


I’ll help you uncover how you can respond to challenges in a way you are proud of


We’ll work together and build sustainable resilience so you can navigate uncertain times, safely



We’ll define your Leadership Strategy and how to create opportunities for success in these uncertain times


We’ll work on your Emotional Surfboard Worksheet giving you a valuable takeaway


We’ll complete together your Self-Assessment live during the masterclass


“In just an hour, Marika has greatly managed to boost our energy, confidence, and enthusiasm! ‘Refocus and Plan for Success’ gave me practical tools to be clear on which leader I want to be, and which leader I can be.

The insights into emotional mastery and its effects on everyday life was also very useful and immediately applicable. Yet, it’s eye-opening, insightful, and inspiring.”

Maylis Joppe
Senior Executive – London

About the speaker

Marika Messager is the CEO and Founder of, a conscious leader and change architect; unlocking the genius in the most successful business leaders internationally, elevating individuals, businesses and the global community into a new paradigm of Conscious Leadership and positive impact.

She brings her solid business experience as a lauded corporate leader in the financial markets, where she was recognized as one of the industry’s most successful equity sales professionals, making it to the 7-figure annual compensation at the age of 31 and managing 40 people across Europe at 34.

When she realized that Conscious Leadership was the missing piece from her career, she was called to found to build a system of development that would transcend the leadership status quo and align businesses with positive impact.

For the last 8 years, she has mentored worldwide industry leaders, built her business in alignment with this innovative perspective and successfully proven that Conscious Leadership is the way to face our current challenges.