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January 2023


Want to tap into the creator within?

How do you put more intention into what you create in your life this 2023?

This can be done by tapping into the creator within and it is by accessing a higher spiritual intelligence.

Read this blog to learn how spiritual intelligence inspires the most magnificent and impactful creation.

Do you want to learn more about us?

Marika has been featured on several podcasts and speaking opportunities to discuss Conscious Leadership and what it can do for you, your organisation, and the collective and we would love to share this opportunity with you.

Book a call now to collaborate with Marika to provide your audience with valuable insights on Conscious Leadership.

As Consciousness researcher, teacher and advisor, Marika can share how Conscious Leadership is a leading force for a better world for individuals, organisations, the collective and the planet.

Feature on Expert Profile Magazine

We are so honoured to be included in the latest issue of the Expert Profile Magazine together with other industry leaders.

In this issue, Marika talks about the workplace epidemic of “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing”.

So, what is the solution to this growing epidemic? Turn to our article on page 4 to find out.

Annabel’s Transition through ALIGN

When Annabel started ALIGN, she was trying to gracefully exit from her current career and transition to co-founding a business, which was a huge change from her current role.

See how ALIGN helped her transition smoothly and successfully as well as providing her with lifelong tools that enabled her to manage the situations that she was faced with.

Hit Your 2023 Goals with ALIGN!

Make this new year all about you and your journey to becoming a Conscious Leader.

Conscious Leaders are here to do something necessary and extraordinary – to lead the way into a new way of being – a new paradigm of leadership creating a Conscious world and we invite you to embark on this journey of change.

Invest in your transformation and in your journey to meeting the best version of you by joining us in the ALIGN Programme

Click on the link below to learn more about how ALIGN can support your transformation this 2023.