Designing our Best Self

In today’s blog post, we are emphasizing the importance of constantly growing and how to create a life that supports our new level of self. Through shedding tolerations, embodying new habits and embracing discipline, we set ourselves up for purposeful expansive creation.


Growth over comfort/discomfort is a gateway to expansion

A large part of our work at is to guide our clients towards a state of mind where growth is prioritized over staying in the comfort zone. Growth comes with unknown challenges and discomfort, but it’s also through growth we feel accomplished and truly alive.

Our ego wants to keep us safe in the comfort zone where ‘we know how to deal with things’, where we know how to relate to people and the world, and we don’t have to do the work that comes with changing.

We create stories that justify our stagnation, which ultimately is just stories that we have made up throughout the years to make life an easy ride. But that static version of an easy ride is an illusion, we need movement to have a life that flows. You could compare it to a sluggish pond versus the aliveness of a river.

When we are in movement, new challenges and new feelings are thrown at us. So we learn. We learn new skills and new ways of dealing with what life brings. And from that process new possibilities arise, we can see life from new angles and approach problems with more humility and experience.


First, define your obstacles and shed them

To live life to our fullest potential, we first need to understand what is currently holding us back. It can be tolerating others’ behaviors and demands at home or at work, or it could be our own negative self-talk. Make sure to be clear what is holding you back and be courageous to make the changes and have the conversations needed to put your obstacles behind you.

Tolerations drain energy, and by getting rid of our tolerations a surge of energy can flourish and be funnelled towards creativity. This energy is contagious, so whether you are a business leader or a family member, having the people around you revise their tolerations will amplify the momentum towards where you together want to go.


Secondly, define your new habits and embody them

It’s about being your creation” – Joe Dispenza

Once you’ve committed to letting go of what is not serving your growth, it’s time to create the habits that support the new you.

Creating new habits it’s not easy, it’s about everyday deciding who we want to be and to prioritise activities that can make that happen. And understanding that the body plays a crucial part in growing into the new you is key; it’s not enough to have your intentions in your mind, you need to engage the body in the change as well.

The physical body is the anchor of transformation. As your body changes, you change, and your body and mind support each other in the process of maintaining new routines.


Lastly and always, know that discipline is freedom

“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to our courage” – Anais Nin

To stay in the growth zone requires constant work, and to stay disciplined with the practices supporting your growth is essential.

A lot of people find the idea of discipline suppressing and rigid, but it’s the opposite. Being disciplined with your practices creates time and space for you to flow, to surrender, to observe and respond to life. Without discipline you easily end up spending your days inefficiently and unstructured, overwhelmed by the demands of life, fulfilling others purposes not yours.

Having flow in life is a combination of knowing you do the work required, so you can the rest of the time surrender to and trust what life brings. If you are out of control your focus will be on trying to be in control. Flow through discipline leads to true freedom.


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