The Ubunifu Lamu Initiative Story

Read the Full Story of the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative, how got Involved, the Impact so far, What’s Next and how we Align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Ubunifu Lamu Part I

This short film introduces the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative – an art and education centre for children in Lamu, Kenya founded by Nyambura Wahu. The film was made for first premiere at Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery in London in May 2022 where a fundraiser was held to sell fine art prints of the children of the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative and their own hand painted creations.

Ubunifu Lamu Part II

This short film is a follow up on the last year and a half, the fundraiser exhibition and film premiere at Hauser & Wirth Art Gallery in London in May 2022. It showcases the astonishing upgrades and the future of Ubunifu Lamu Initiative founded by Nyambura Wahu in Kenya.

Film Credits

Featuring Ubunifu Lamu Initiative, all their students, founder Nyambura Wahu and David Avido

Directed & Filmed by Romy Maxime

Produced by Shelley McKenna of McKenna Wilde Productions

Organised by Marika Messager of Conscious Leadership

Edited by Benitha Vlok

Music by Alexander Inggs of Pisces Sound

Special thanks to Hauser & Wirth, Hauser & Wirth London, Zoe Sperling, Marika Messager, Shelley McKenna, David Avido & Jemima Bornman Carr.

Thank you to all the children and students of Ubunifu Lamu:
Amose Barka, Karembo Nivis, Eunice Mtiki, Gift Masha, Amani Afrika, Henry Ail, Geoffry Ushindi, Janet Kalu, Rama Kalu, Anderson Sammy, Juliet Tsuma, Hence Ail, Leah Amani, Clinton Ngala, Qamra Osita, Emmanuel Kalu, Evance Mtiki, Vincent Mtiki, Gift Amani, Heri Ail, Salome Tsuma, Fabian Kamau and Brian Baraka.

About the Films

In the heart of Lamu Island, Kenya, where the azure waters of the Indian Ocean lap the golden shores, there exists a beacon of inspiration and transformation—The Ubunifu Lamu Initiative. Founded by the visionary Nyambura Wahu, this art and education centre stands as a testament to the boundless potential that lies within the embrace of creativity and learning.

As the sun rises over the Mararani district, a dream takes flight. The foundation’s roots delve deep into the fertile soil of community, where every stroke of a paintbrush and every page turned in a book symbolise not just artistic expression, but a pathway to a brighter future for the children of Lamu. Nyambura‘s dream, a tapestry woven with threads of hope and opportunity, has blossomed into a sanctuary for dozens of young minds eager to explore their potential.

The story unfolds capturing the humble beginnings of the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative. Through the lens of the film, we witness the birth of a vision that transcends boundaries and propels the community towards a shared destiny of growth and empowerment. The ripple effect of this initiative is nothing short of magical, transforming not only the lives of the youth but uplifting the entire neighbourhoods and community.

In the gentle hum of creativity echoing through the art centre, we find a chorus of voices—once unheard—now harmonising in celebration of newfound skills and boundless opportunity.
The foundation acts as a catalyst for growth, nurturing the talents of Lamu’s youth and helped them discover their bouquet of skills, resilience, and self-discovery and giving them a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

The Ubunifu Lamu Initiative has become a testament to the power of coming together. Citizens and visitors of the island unite in a symphony of support, their collective energy creating an atmosphere of celebration that transcends language and cultural differences. Lamu becomes a canvas upon which the strokes of creativity and the colours of learning paint a picture of unity.
This initiative is not merely an art and education centre; it is a living testament to the transformative power of this shared vision, fuelled by passion and dedication and how it has the ability to reshape destinies and build bridges. The film captures the essence of this giving spirit, portraying the interconnectedness of each individual’s contribution, every student, the island locals and visitors alike. Featuring Nyambura Wahu, the students of Ubunifu, with support from David Avido and Jemima Bornman Carr and all the locals of Lamu Island in creating a tapestry of change.

In the heart of Lamu, where the sand dunes whisper ancient stories and the palm trees sway in rhythm with the tides, the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative stands tall as a beacon of hope. It is a story of how a small idea can bloom into a movement that transforms not only the lives of the children it touches but the entire community. It is a celebration of creativity, learning, and the magical power that lies in the fusion of vision and action.

Ubunifu x Hauser & Wirth Fundraisers

The 2022 and 2023 Ubunifu Lamu Initiative art fundraisers, hosted at the esteemed Hauser & Wirth Gallery in London, proudly present two unique series of exquisite limited edition fine art prints by Romy Maxime. These stunning pieces exemplify the rich vibrancy and cultural depth of the Initiative.

Every purchase from these collections directly benefit the Initiative, with all proceeds going to Ubunifu.

To explore Romy Maxime’s collections visit:


In order to keep the Ubunifu Lamu Initiative going, we rely on donations from like-minded people around the world. If you would like to donate, here’s the link: