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We asked our clients to share their thoughts and experiences working with and how the programmes have helped. Hear from each of them in this video Testimonials

Danielle Corona

Founder and Creative Director - Hunting Season - Miami

I joined ALIGN because I wanted to refocus on my business’ direction and ensure that the brand was aligned with who I am and my values. Work-wise, I wasn’t feeling as inspired and motivated because I didn’t feel a connection with some of the ways that I was managing the business.

Marika’s guidance gave me clarity and it aligned my personal life with my work life in a way that I maybe wouldn’t have been able to do or see on my own. It gave me that clarity and helped me express who I was, what I wanted, what my mission was, and how to do that and bring that into every part of my life.

Marion Assuied

CEO and Founder of Inur Cosmetics - London

I was in the process of a career transition and I was unsure which direction to take. This made me frustrated and I lost self confidence and happiness in my life.With the help of ALIGN, I realized my capacity and this gave me the confidence to finally launch my own brand. With Marika’s help, I was able to reconnect with myself and work on my basic foundation which was essential in making my new business finally move forward.

Eliza Gairard

CIO & Co-Founder ALTHEA - Investing in the Future of Wellness - NYC

As I started ALIGN, I was in a moment of intense professional transition. I knew that I was hoping to find clarity and understanding of my path, but I didn’t really have any specific expectations of the timing and what exactly I would be doing but in the end, that transition really unfolded exactly on pace with the programme.

I felt supported, I felt known, and understood throughout the ALIGN programme. I have really made some tangible decisions that paved the way for my path. Marika created this safe space where I could be on these group calls and really open up my heart and my mind in a way that I think allowed me to absorb and take with me. It’s a wonderful programme and the investment in yourself is the best investment you can make.

Shelley Smith

Founder of McKenna Wilde Productions - London

Shelley was embarking on a new endeavor coming into AWAKEN and she knew that the only way to achieve success was to level-up. She believed AWAKEN will help her remove blockages that were holding her back.

AWAKEN helped Shelley achieve many things that she admits she could not have done on her own.She was able to improve her communication skills and is now more concise and confident in expressing herself, to come from a place of power and to hold space.

Sally Beh

Managing Director at ACE&Co. - Geneva

if I had begun the ACADEMY earlier, it would have saved me time in achieving an equilibrium with my professional and personal Self to advance in my career faster. The benefits of this personal journey has multiplied in many folds towards my team and the community that I am in contact with. I am able to cut through the complexities a lot faster, to lift my team with my own progress and have those courageous conversations. The motivation now for me is beyond myself: it is about contributing to the community. 

If you can trust that you are capable of more, that you deserve more, this programme will be extremely enlightening. You will learn lifelong skills that will allow you to achieve your full potential. 

Jerome Bussiere

Global Head of FX Trading | Unicredit - Milan

I gained a lot of confidence, not only in my job, but in my personal life too. Working with Marika has been a very strong event in my life to not only build confidence, but to beat my fears. I feel far more comfortable now because I understand my fears and how to overcome them and move forward. I have gained some understanding on a lot of different concepts that have allowed me to make the required changes in my life

Annabel Noth

COO and Co-founder at ALTHEA Investment - London

When I entered ALIGN, I was at a stage in my life when I was trying to gracefully exit from my current career and transition to a business that I didn’t have enough background on. With ALIGN I was able to achieve what I set out to do. I was able to extricate myself from my old position and move into my new role with confidence because I had all the tools I needed to succeed.

Marika has the ability to both see the forest from the trees and pinpoint things that you didn’t know existed. For those who want to join ALIGN, I would just say JUMP IN and join.

Zoe Sperling

Senior Director at Hauser and Wirth - London

Coming into AWAKEN, Zoe felt overwhelmed, overworked, and unable to find joy in different areas of her life. She felt there was much need to rediscover her sense of purpose and find clarity.

After her AWAKEN experience, Zoe feels “awakened”, aligned, and stronger – both physically and mentally. The sense of community was instrumental in her discovery of her sense or purpose and has instilled in her a desire to do good on a bigger scale amongst Conscious people.

Charles Lorenceau

Founding Partner at ACE&Co. - London

I am now in a much calmer state overall and I have a much greater sense of confidence. I know that I can face challenges and that I am well equipped to achieve the goals that I set up for myself. I have a much better communication with my business partners, my children and the person in my sentimental life. I am now progressing in my life with consciousness and confidence. 

The ACADEMY is probably the best investment you could do: it  can change your life. This is the greatest adventure you can embark on.

Caroline Hugonenc

SVP Research and Insights at

Before joining ALIGN, I felt I was going in circles, I had set some objectives for myself but hadn’t made any progress in the last three years, so I had a big problem to solve.

ALIGN helped me to become more confident and was instrumental for me to understand some of the unconscious behaviours that were holding me back in my progression.

ALIGN was a great investment and the only thing I regret was not being able to do it sooner. After ALIGN, I took the front stage at the DMEXCO 2022 full of radiance and confidence. I received some fantastic feedback from the audience with one of the attendees sharing with me that “I really put her heart into it”; which is exactly the outcome that we had been working on in ALIGN

Scott Robinson

Senior Financial Professional - Founder of - London

The biggest outcome working with Marika was to really believe in myself as a brand, believe in myself as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, someone who was confident in his own abilities, and to forge my own brand as to what I offer, as opposed to define myself by my peers. That has given me really a lot of confidence to express and promote myself to the wider world. Everytime I finished the session, I came out motivated with solutions to whether it be a personal or professional problem at that particular point in time.

Sarah Lavers

Entrepreneur, ESG advisory - London

I joined ALIGN to help me unblock a long and frustrating period of procrastination in taking my business to the next level; where I had lots of ideas but nothing was becoming concrete. The course has certainly achieved that: I got the confidence to take my project further and the clarity that I already had the necessary foundation to do so.

Trust the process; you’ll get very tangible results. This is a game changer.

Ashley White

Art Gallery Director - Almine Rech - London

Before joining AWAKEN, Ashely was feeling frustrated because of problems with different aspects in her life. She was not aligned, unfulfilled, and unhappy. Because of AWAKEN she is now more self-aware. She was able to connect to her inner self and block out all the noise and distractions. She achieved neutrality and peace because of the meditation and yoga sessions during the retreat.

Sacha Pictet

Director - Mutual Empathy LLC - Miami

Before ALIGN, I was unsure on how to proceed and where to proceed in my career. Now I have very concrete ideas and clear action steps to create my next chapter. With ALIGN, my emotional balance has improved drastically, which made a huge difference in how I interact with people on difficult subjects professionally and personally.

The combination of teachings, workshops and group discussions created a highly valuable learning and transformative space.

Ashley White

Art Gallery Director - Almine Rech - London

It’s been wonderful working with Marika. She really takes the time to listen to you, and then she challenges you and gets you to dig deep within yourself to bring certain things to the surface that hold you back in your self-growth.

The ALIGN Programme helped me identify my core values and realise what I want more of and what I want less of in my life. The group made me feel that I’m not alone and I’ve got the support of the others.

Keith Haskett

International Equities, JP Morgan AM - London

The ALIGN programme taught me a framework and the skills to look within myself, to assess what really mattered to me and to clarify the what, why & how of the next steps in my career and in my life. I didn’t know that I needed this until I found Marika &

To borrow a favoured phrase of Warren Buffett; there is no greater investment than in yourself. Before I joined ALIGN, I was sceptical about what it could achieve for me. To anyone looking to level up in their career and in their lives, I would encourage you to join one of Marika’s free Masterclass, learn more about the programme and take the next steps in making that worthy investment.

Dilara Harvey Smith

Service Provider, British Red Cross – Glasgow

ALIGN has really helped me connect with my true self, my values, my beliefs, and improve my self confidence. I have been able to apply for a new role within my firm which I would not have done before. I am calmer in the way I react to things. I have learned how to manage my fears, which has allowed me to respond differently to people and situations.

ALIGN taught me concrete tools on how to achieve my professional goals. The group was incredible and a big part of the experience.

Malia Supe

Global Client Leader, Executive Partner – San Francisco

I have attained a new level of Self from which I am thinking about my place in the world, how I can serve others and use my unique gifts to be a positive force for change, for people around me and at large.

Clemens Lansing

Senior Finance Professional – Switzerland

Marika’s combination of the very personal, soft, inner aspects with discussions around career, and her clear understanding of both angles and how they intertwine, has brought about both the enjoyment and success of the programme.

Sascha Safai

Head of Marketing, Bluebell Capital Partners Limited - London

Thanks to the meditations, I found a level of calm and peace I had not felt for a long time. It was both powerful and greatly enjoyable. The meditations made me step back and reassess certain aspects in my life that were not bringing me joy, which I then took action on. I have also learned to focus only on what brings good energy into my life. 

Each session provided a moment of much needed stillness and calmness that I needed to gain some clarity. Marika is extremely soothing and calming which helps to get you to the meditative state required where transformation and healing can really begin. Do not hesitate!

Heidi von Hohenzollern

Mother of twins, 18+ years in the financial industry - Switzerland

After meditating with Marika, I felt at ease, relaxed and lighter. I also felt more connected with myself and as a result more confident, happy and less uncertain. The meditations are very calming and useful. The sessions are really easy to follow and very well conducted. I never understood how meditation could help me find balance and relax, now I have a much better understanding. I still use the meditations every time I can.

Delphine Valluet

Owner, ‘Le Jardin des Bauches’ - Paris

I have been meditating for quite some time but mostly in silence, without any guidance. Marika’s meditations have allowed me to reach a state of deep relaxation, from where I was open to receive structuring and empowering information. I was guided into developing greater levels of self-awareness. In challenging times, they definitely have supported me feeling anchored and improve my decision process.

Laurent Gelis

Entrepreneur - Paris

I truly enjoyed the meditations. Marika is captivating and regenerative. Each session was highly transformative.

Sabrina Cherrak

Child Care Specialist - London

Meditating with Marika has really helped me relax, pay attention to my breath and learn to breathe properly. The lockdown was a very challenging time for me as I lost my job. The meditations helped me stay focused, stop worrying and turn all that negativity into positive energy to find a new position. Thanks to the teachings, I also now know myself better. I am more relaxed, positive and amazed at what I can achieve in my day to day life. I had never practiced meditation before and I am so happy I gave it a go. I am truly surprised by the outcome.

Alexis Roussel

Senior Finance Professional - London

I have found Marika’s meditations very helpful. Finding focus is demanding and challenging, particularly during troubled times. The meditations allowed me to align myself and feel centred. I found it very supportive to follow Marika’s clear words and guidance and easy to access the required mental visualisations. Thank you!

Stephane Lemaitre

Commercial Director, LG France - Paris

Marika’s meditations were for me a really good experience and I was very happy to discover a new way to achieve personal targets. I remember one specific meditation that really helped me develop my capability to share the issues that I needed to solve with the relevant people, and have the clarity on who to turn to if I need some help. The meditations are very accessible and having a different topic everyday is motivating: listen, feel comfortable and let it happen.

Sophie Heason

Clinical Psychologist - United Kingdom

Marika’s meditation sessions during lockdown were calming and grounding in a time of uncertainty. Indeed, I had favourite sessions that I would return to that focused on just what I needed at that time. I have meditated for years and Marika’s voice, tone and focus provided a really good holding space for me with some new ideas.

Pauline Rochas

Founder and Creative Director, Parfum Pauline R. - Vienna

Marika’s meditations during confinement were a true gift to have, setting a schedule for me in an unscheduled/uncertain time and keeping me disciplined. I looked forward to that meeting time to recenter and be guided by Marika with wonderful tips on how to cope with quarantine. The meditations helped me to be creative, present, slow down, and stay calm.

Marika gave insights on how to thrive, elevate yourself, pick up a project left aside, do something creative, “just be”, “just do”, rather than procrastinate about the situation and wait for it to pass and waste your time.The meditations also gave me a sense of purpose and different outlook to the situation. I found a sense of community and belonging – connection.

In this alone time for me to meet regularly provided a sense of conscious collective where you would feel and know that we were together doing the meditations. I loved the 20-min format, which for me was enough to reset/renew and get a sense of well being. Thank you.

Pasquale Vaira

Solicitor, Lawyer - Italy

In the time of fear during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the meditations with Marika were very helpful to focus on positive attitude. I was able to be calmer and more focused on my goals. Marika is skilled in many meditation techniques and she can help you identify your objectives whilst building positive thinking.

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