A 21-day ARISE meditation course uniquely designed to support you level up your Clarity, Confidence, and Presence in order to create Sustainable Success in all dimensions of your life.

Inspired by Native American traditions, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness techniques.

Our guided meditations will allow you to access your authentic Self, elevate your emotional state, and gain a meaningful vision for your life.

In 21 days, together we will explore, discover, and activate different parts of ourselves with the aim to open us to our personal power, guide us to our psychological depths and elevate our emotional state.

What you’ll experience: each week will be a mix of Clarity, Presence, and Creation meditations; uniquely designed to support your individual transformation towards success.


The Clarity Meditations will support you increase your Self awareness, align yourself, improve your decision process and find greater levels of focus.


The Presence Meditations will help you feel centred, calm and at peace. You will learn how to release tension, find balance, feel more confident and stay in a positive state. 


The Creation Meditations will guide you to increase your ability to generate new ideas, think outside of the box and to take the required actions to build the life you want.  

Over the next 21 days, you will experience 21 different meditation journeys, delivered by audio in our exclusive membership area.

You will get one 20-minute meditation audio per day. All meditations are recorded and will be available in our online portal; where you will have access to them at anytime once released.

You will get your questions answered via our online portal and a 20-minute “Integration call” with our Conscious Leadership coaches at the end of the course.

Case Studies

Here’s what other business leaders are saying about our Guided Meditations:

"I have found Marika’s meditations very helpful. Finding focus is demanding and challenging, particularly during troubled times. The meditations allowed me to align myself and feel centred. I found it very supportive to follow Marika’s clear words and guidance and easy to access the required mental visualisations. Thank you!"

— Alexis Roussel; Senior Finance Professional – London

"Thanks to the meditations, I found a level of calm and peace I had not felt for a long time. It was both powerful and greatly enjoyable. The meditations made me step back and reassess certain aspects in my life that were not bringing me joy, which I then took action on. I have also learned to focus only on what brings good energy into my life. Each session provided a moment of much needed stillness and calmness that I needed to gain some clarity. Marika is extremely soothing and calming which helps to get you to the meditative state required where transformation and healing can really begin. Do not hesitate!"

— Sascha Safai;
Head of Marketing, Bluebell Capital Partners Limited – London

"After meditating with Marika, I felt at ease, relaxed and lighter. I also felt more connected with myself and as a result more confident, happy and less uncertain. The meditations are very calming and useful. The sessions are really easy to follow and very well conducted. I never understood how meditation could help me find balance and relax, now I have a much better understanding. I still use the meditations every time I can."

— Heidi von Hohenzollern; Mother of twins, 18+ years in the financial industry – Switzerland

"I have been meditating for quite some time but mostly in silence, without any guidance. Marika’s meditations have allowed me to reach a state of deep relaxation, from where I was open to receive structuring and empowering information. I was guided into developing greater levels of self-awareness. In challenging times, they definitely have supported me feeling anchored and improve my decision process."

— Delphine Valluet; Owner, ‘Le Jardin des Bauches’ – Paris

"I truly enjoyed the meditations. Marika is captivating and regenerative. Each session was highly transformative."

— Laurent Gelis; Entrepreneur – Paris

"Marika’s guided meditations are very inspiring and calming. It is a totally different experience from the previous meditations I was doing. It helped me focus on the present, release tensions, stay in a positive state and increase my willingness to achieve something concrete during the confinement. My own meditation practice has definitely levelled up. The meditations are very well guided and you won’t feel left on your own with too many long silences."

— Julie Imbard; Pilates instructor, Reiki Master – London

"Meditating with Marika has really helped me relax, pay attention to my breath and learn to breathe properly. The lockdown was a very challenging time for me as I lost my job. The meditations helped me stay focused, stop worrying and turn all that negativity into positive energy to find a new position. Thanks to the teachings, I also now know myself better. I am more relaxed, positive and amazed at what I can achieve in my day to day life. I had never practiced meditation before and I am so happy I gave it a go. I am truly surprised by the outcome."

— Sabrina Cherrak; Child Care Specialist – London

"Marika’s guided meditations are both soothing and energising. They have enabled me to observe myself with greater depth, travel internally and access the intimacy of my own consciousness. The meditations have helped me develop more self confidence and self-observation as well as reduce my fears and increase my tolerance. They also have brought more joy. I am very grateful for this beautiful gift."

— Laure Rérolle; Business Owner – France

"Marika’s meditation sessions during lockdown were calming and grounding in a time of uncertainty. Indeed, I had favourite sessions that I would return to that focused on just what I needed at that time. I have meditated for years and Marika’s voice, tone and focus provided a really good holding space for me with some new ideas."

— Sophie Heason; Clinical Psychologist – United Kingdom

"Marika’s meditations were for me a really good experience and I was very happy to discover a new way to achieve personal targets. I remember one specific meditation that really helped me develop my capability to share the issues that I needed to solve with the relevant people, and have the clarity on who to turn to if I need some help. The meditations are very accessible and having a different topic everyday is motivating: listen, feel comfortable and let it happen."

— Stephane Lemaitre;
Commercial Director, LG France – Paris

"Marika’s meditations during confinement were a true gift to have, setting a schedule for me in an unscheduled/uncertain time and keeping me disciplined. I looked forward to that meeting time to recenter and be guided by Marika with wonderful tips on how to cope with quarantine. The meditations helped me to be creative, present, slow down, and stay calm. In this alone time for me to meet regularly provided a sense of conscious collective where you would feel and know that we were together doing the meditations. I loved the 20-min format, which for me was enough to reset/renew and get a sense of well being. Thank you."

— Pauline Rochas;
Founder and Creative Director, Parfum Pauline R. – Vienna

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most asked questions about starting our ARISE course:

How do I listen to the meditations?

All the meditations are recorded.

When you join ARISE, you will get exclusive access to the membership site where the recorded meditations will be available.

What makes ARISE unique?

ARISE is a 21-day meditation course for leaders and entrepreneurs ready to realise their conscious leadership potential through a powerful combination of teachings, workshops and group mentoring calls.

Our unique signature system, honed through years of research and practical experience with senior business leaders delivers tangible results.

Participants reach greater levels of self awareness and emotional mastery, learn powerful tools to navigate the uncertain and complex world we live in, and achieve concrete results in their careers and lives.

Where can I sign up?

If you are ready to ARISE and take action, click the BUY NOW button at the bottom of this page.

What’s the investment to join?

ARISE delivers life changing meditations for an investment of 247 GBP.

The rate is in GBP regardless of your location.

How much time does it take to do the meditations?

You will be able to finish one meditation in less than 20 minutes.

What if I have questions throughout the course?

You can ask questions at any time during the course via our online portal. 

Can I get access to all the meditations at once?

You will receive access to 7 meditations for week 1, then 7 meditations for week 2 and finally 7 meditations  for the last week. 

What do I do if I have tech problems?

For any issue tech related, feel free to send us an email at with the words “ARISE” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Will resources get shipped to me?

Everything you need while you’re in the ARISE course can be accessed online in the exclusive membership area.

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