You’re Not Who You Think You Are!

Understanding who we’ve been in the past, gives us a choice of who we want to be in the future. At, we have developed a system where we help leaders thrive from within, and the process starts with establishing true self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Get to know your childhood self 

Uncovering our unconscious inherited patterns is the first step of any journey of empowerment, clarity and purpose. By becoming conscious of who we have been in the past we reclaim power over our behaviour which allows us to make authentic choices and take purposeful action.

Only when we understand why we behave in certain ways, we can start deconstructing the mistakes we keep on repeating and CHOOSE to do things differently.

Throughout childhood we create defence mechanisms in order to defend who we are or even protect ourselves from danger. All our behaviours are rooted in our childhood experiences, and understanding our wounds from those experiences is key to becoming self aware. The deeper the pain and hurt, the stronger it will manifest in our life.

The work that has to be done is to define and then accept the qualities and flaws we have developed, by doing that we own them and can change them. If we don’t define them, we are victims running on our repetitive unconscious defence program which will manifest itself in unfocused, reactive behaviour. A conscious leader on the contrary is calm, present and consistent.

Rewire your neurons

‘What fires together, wires together’

Our brain is always seeking patterns to make sense of, or explain current situations. That’s why our way of seeing things, including ourselves and others, is very rigid and attached to the past. We form our perception in the present based on past experiences, NOT on the actual present situation, or who we have grown into being.

Our mind is making the wrong assumptions!

The more we understand those hard wired patterns/ actions/ assumptions – the more we have the ability to make conscious choices relevant to the real scenario.

For us to chance we need to first deconstruct the neuron pathways, and then reprogram. This is done through observation; is this me? Is this who i want to be? How can I respond differently?…The more we do this, the line of neurons is coming thinner and thinner, and our new responses are forming a new route. When we start to become self aware we don’t allow our thoughts to put us in the same situations.

Embrace the change

Improving means changing and change often fuels fear and resistance. Fear of lack of control, of lack of identity, fear of not having the self authority to set the necessary routines and boundaries in place…and it’s a lot of work.

But the reality is that life is in constant movement with constant change, so either we embrace it as an exciting project without end, equip ourselves with the right tools and put in the work, or we will uncontrollably be dragged along in a state of disempowering resistance. We can not always control what the change will be, but we can choose who we want to be in the process, and that’s the foundation of becoming an empowered inspiring leader.


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