Lead Your Life

April 2023


How do you solidify your boundaries?

Setting healthy boundaries is essential when you want to create a conscious relationship. At one point, we have all felt unsafe, unheard, and had the desire to reclaim respect and power.

But how can we do this? What is the best way to express ourselves? How can we place boundaries that are efficient, empowering, and will not make us feel guilty or resentful of ourselves? We often talk about boundaries, but how to we set healthy boundaries and solidify them. Watch this video and find out.

Podcast Feature in Wine After Work

I was invited to talk about Conscious Leadership and creating a conscious world with conscious individuals in the most recent episode of the Wine After Work Podcast with Bryce Batts.

I would like to share that very insightful conversation with you here and stress on how important it is to start within ourselves when we want to lead a more conscious life.

How Danielle started her own brand

Danielle became interested in ALIGN because she wanted to take some time to think about the direction of her business. She was feeling stuck and was beginning to lose motivation.

Danielle felt that she had veered off her path. She wanted to make sure that the way she ran her business felt right every step of the way.

Watch this clip to see how Danielle found the clarity and confidence she needed to move forward and launch her own lifestyle brand.

Tuning into Unconditional Love Meditation

Listen to this complimentary guided meditation and tap into the infinite power of unconditional love to heal and awaken the healer within.

Create Conscious Relationships that last and succeed through ALIGN

Relationships, both personal and professional, are difficult to navigate especially in the current environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. We all seem to have our guards up and we are unable to express our authentic selves.
The ALIGN program helps you navigate through the numerous challenges of relationships by first doing the inner work which allows you to present yourself consciously and be well-grounded and centered to weather through relationship difficulties in a way you’re proud of.
I’d like to tell you more about ALIGN and how it can help, just click the button below.