August 2023

Podcast Feature in Trench Leadership: A Podcast From the Front

In this podcast episode, Simon and I discuss Toxic Leadership and its impact on individuals and organisations. This was a profoundly thought provoking conversation and I invite you to give it a listen.


How to Create Systems Change Together

I highly recommend you to watch ‘How to create systems change together’ Adrian Röbke’s TEDx talk at Wageningen University, to gain deeper understanding of systems change and learn practical strategies for driving meaningful and sustainable change.


The Power of Knowledge and Experience in Conscious Leadership

By combining knowledge and experience, individuals can unlock their true potential in all dimensions of their lives. Read this blog and discover the importance of self-development and how it can enrich your personal and professional life.


What is Conscious Leadership?

We have created a new video on the website to describe what Conscious Leadership really is and what it means for individuals and organisations.

I believe systemic change can come through the private sector by guiding individuals and organisations to the new paradigm of Conscious Leadership, where business is a force for good and good is a force for business.

As together, we create a community of Conscious Leaders ready to lead systemic change by aligning to values of collaboration, co-creation and compassion, we can role model for an equitable and inclusive society and create a better future for all.