Lead Your Life

July 2021

How Being Broken Became My Breakthrough

Do not underestimate the power that unique encounters with special people have on building your character as a leader. In this video, I talk about a very cherished memory with a powerful person that made me realize so much about my potential as a leader and some lessons that I think everybody needs to hear.

Are You Stuck in a Rut in Your Career or Business?

Conscious Leaders are constantly moving forward and adapting to change. However, there are some moments in one’s career or business where we can feel stuck and at a loss on what our next step is.

To give you clarity on how to move forward, today we want to ask you 8 simple questions that will affirm if you are at a stage in your career when things need to shift, when a transformation is required.

Leadership is a Practice that You Live – Not a Title

Every leader has an operating system, a hallmark or behavior which makes them a person of influence.

Even without a title, a conscious leader can inspire others and can exude power from wherever they stand. What do they look like? Is this you? Read our blog and find out!


As I started ALIGN, I was in a moment of intense professional transition. I knew that I was hoping to find clarity and understanding of my path, but I didn’t really have any specific expectations of the timing and what exactly I would be doing but in the end, that transition really unfolded exactly on pace with the programme.

Eliza Gairard
Partner – Richmond Hill – NYC