A personalised coaching programme for C-Level Executives ready to become true market leaders.

Personal greatness precedes leadership greatness

Your ability to lead depends on your capacity for self-awareness and self-leadership. Which is why elevating individual and organisational performance and innovation, begins with introspection and personal growth.

In today’s climate, individuals are always on, overburdened and disconnected from themselves. They long for a higher purpose, but the opportunity to change can appear overwhelming or unattainable.

Businesses and business leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to remain at the forefront of change by embracing a paradigm where business is a force for good, and good is a force for business.

Conscious Leadership Coaching can help you capitalise on your unique position as an elite professional and become a force for good – in your business, in your industry and in the world.

A unique system to help
C-Level business leaders become market leaders.

Based upon’s cutting edge, signature system; Conscious Leadership Coaching provides C- Level Executives with everything they need to honour their true potential and elevate themselves (and their businesses) to even greater levels of leadership and influence.

The Coaching Pathway

Over the course of 1, 2 or 3 years, Conscious Leadership Coaching supports leaders to uncover even greater levels of influence and impact.

Each level combines 1:1 sessions with ConsciousLeadership.Org Founder and CEO, Marika Messager, with a curated selection of personality assessments, access to an extensive library of resources and tailor-made game plans. Year 2 and 3 clients are invited on our Activation Quests and Significance Expeditions as a way of bringing together global leaders to mobilise collective power for greater transformation. 




Establish the deep, resilient personal foundation you need to guide others and create positive change. 



Solidify your foundation and start envisioning the unique positive contribution you are meant to make. 



Discover a deeper connection to your purpose, and pursue your calling through high-level impact.

Marika’s combination of the very personal, soft, inner aspects with discussions around career, and her clear understanding of both angles and how they intertwine, has brought about both the enjoyment and success of the program. 

Clemens Lansing – Senior Finance Professional

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