Lead Your Life

February 2023


Uncover Your Reality

How do you assess where you currently are to create change in your career and in your life?

Are you at a point in your life where you know things need to change but don’t quite know what needs to change or how to go about it?

Watch this video from Marika to uncover your next steps to begin your transformation.

The Future of Wellness in the Workplace

There is much emphasis on wellness but we do not often hear organisations place a premium on their employees’ wellness and promote a workplace that supports that.

In this blog, we explore the future of wellness in the workplace and what role Conscious Leaders play in moving everything forward.

Meditation on shaping a better future

We all want a better future for ourselves, but how do we take the first step towards that? How do we know we are going the in the right direction?

Launch your true authentic self to the future you deserve by getting into the proper head space with this guided meditation specifically designed to help you start shaping a better future.

The Ubunifu Initiative – An Incubator for Systemic Change

The Ubunifu Initiative was born in the midst of the pandemic out of a need and desire to build an Art Center for the children of the village of Mararani in Lamu Kenya, to support them build a better future for themselves through learning creative skills.
We are currently preparing for the 2nd phase of our documentary and we still have a long way to go to continue to tell the story of this amazing endeavour and take you with us on this journey that was born out of a desire of Conscious Leaders to create systemic change and a better future for all.
If you feel called to support this project, any donation is greatly appreciated and will go a long way.

Start your journey to being a Conscious Leader

Inspiring Leaders resonate a unique energy though their clarity, presence and creative power as they promote movement towards systemic change.
This requires authentic connections, purpose, and alignment. These are the core elements of Conscious Leadership and we bring this all together for you through the ALIGN Programme.