Leading with Heart and Mind— Understanding Unconscious Patterns to Transform Leadership Presence

I joined Justine Reichman on the Essential Ingredients podcast and we discussed the importance of understanding personal blind spots, biases, and the emotional landmines that can deter one’s leadership journey… and so much more!

Sustainability and Ethics in Conscious Leadership

Our latest blog explores the critical role of Conscious Leadership in promoting sustainability and ethical practices within organisations, emphasising the importance of integrating social and environmental considerations into business strategies. 

The current economic model has forgotten where wealth comes from, says Xiye Bastida

Listen to what Climate activist Xiye Bastida has to say about what we can learn from Indigenous communities’ stewardship of our planet.

What Type of Leader Are You?

We all aim to enhance our leadership abilities, but finding the starting point can be challenging.

We’ve revamped our Leadership Quiz to provide you with a precise understanding of your leadership style, your consciousness level, and crucial steps to elevate both your consciousness and leadership capabilities.

Discover your path to leadership excellence by taking our free Leadership Quiz today.