JUNE 2023

The stories we tell ourselves are powerful

In this inspiring and touching talk, Damon illustrates brilliantly how our narratives – individual and collective – can shape our perspective and relationships. Nature is not a machine to be manipulated by mankind, but rather demands our reverence and respect in order to create a miraculous comeback from its degradation.

Watch this TED talk by Damon Gameau and see how we can tell a new story, a win-win collective story that will shape our behaviour as a species.

The degrading impact of mental health

In today’s fast-paced, complex and demanding world, mental health issues have become a prevalent concern – not only for individuals but also organisations and the society as a whole.

My new blog sheds light on the degrading impact of mental health on the society and organisations and the need for a conscious change.

Podcast Feature in Your Spectacular Life

Leading with the heart and being masters of our emotions were the focus of my podcast interview with Jodi Weitz at Your Spectacular Life podcast.

I invite you all to have a listen and explore the benefits of leading Consciously and how being masters of your emotions will be instrumental to being more effective and successful leaders.

Grounding, Healing, and Connecting with Nature Meditation

This guided meditation will support you discover the profound healing and grounding powers of Nature by strengthening your connection with the Earth.
Let me walk you through the process of connecting your energetic frequency to the earth and experience how you can attune to her heartbeat, and her breath. Let the Earth hold you through this complimentary mediation

finding peace within chaos, one breath at a time with arise

Take a moment to honour yourself, sit with stillness and silence, and allow your inner light to shine brightly.
Start embracing the practice of meditation and let its gentle waves of peace ripple through every aspect of your life.
ARISE is a 21-day meditation course that will help you open yourself up to  world of clarity, serenity, and self-discovery – allowing you to become aware of the thoughts that arise, and respond to them consciously instead of reacting impulsively.