Lead Your Life

March 2023


How do you define your priorities?

Do you feel that you are being pulled in all directions? Are you putting out fires left and right?

If so, when do you find the time for you to work on yourself and achieve your most authentic version?

Here are 4 tips that will help you identify what needs to come first so that you can focus on what’s important and have time to focus on self-improvement.

How Wellness Drives Performance

A sense of belonging gives employees a greater purpose in the roles they play in the organisation.

When we feel that what we do contributes to something bigger than ourselves, we become more engaged and driven to achieve what we have set out to do.

Click the link below to read our blog on How can Connection and Wellness drive your company’s performance.

How ALIGN helped Marion launch her brand

Marion was in the middle of a career transition when she joined ALIGN. She was feeling unsure of which direction to take. She lost her self-confidence and felt frustrated.

With Marika’s help, she realised her potential and found the confidence to finally launch her lifelong dream of having her own cosmetic brand. By reconnecting with herself, she discovered what was essential in moving her new business forward.

Get your meditation on bringing calm and serenity

In the chaos of life, we must learn to find the stillness and calm within in order to better understand and navigate life with clarity and presence.
This complimentary meditation with Marika will help you feel grounded and allow you to find your centre.

Find your centre with our ARISE Meditations

Life happens and as a Conscious Leader, more is demanded of us in this chaotic world. As we fulfill our mission to create a positive impact and influence systemic change, we must first have the clarity inside of us.
Find your quiet amidst the chaos with the ARISE 21-Day Guided Meditation course where Marika will help you level up your Clarity, Confidence, and Presence in order to create Sustainable Success in all dimensions of your life.