MARCH 2024

Practising Conscious Leadership – The What, Why and How to Stay Sharp, Engaged in Today’s Workplace

On the Rethink Leadership podcast with Jeremy Blain, I discuss the powerful impact of Conscious Leadership in today’s dynamic world, highlighting the need for ongoing commitment at all organisational levels to cultivate a conscious culture.

Don’t Worry About Self-Perception, Worry About Authenticity

This article explores the link between imposter syndrome and narcissism, suggesting it can be a key to unlocking authenticity and well-being.

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Collaborative Business Leadership Among Women

Our latest blog post explores how women in the realm of Conscious Leadership leverage emotional intelligence to build collaboration, inspire loyalty, and drive sustainable success.

Exciting Opportunity! 

Are you a Freelance Executive Assistant looking to elevate your career and join a dynamic team that values innovation and dedication? is excited to announce an incredible opportunity for a UK or Europe-based EA professional, to join our team! is seeking a talented individual who is passionate about their skills as an EA and ready and willing to contribute to a collaborative conscious work environment.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your professional journey, we invite you to read the EA job description, apply and potentially become an integral part of our forward-thinking company. Join us in shaping the future – apply now via the link below, download the job description and send the application to the following email address: