Lead Your Life

March 2021

Our Founder’s New Personal Website

Our founder Marika has just released her rebranded personal website.

Marika strongly believes that each and everyone of us has the power to lead and make a stand for what we believe in. By learning to lead ourselves and lead our lives, we can all create sustainable success in all dimensions of our lives and have a positive impact on our family, colleagues and the greater community.

If you would like to learn more about her renowned Leadership Retreats that create space for deep healing and transformation whilst giving you tools that are useful for a lifetime and activating a meaningful life vision, head to www.MarikaMessager.com for more information.

Your Meditation Practice with Marika

Since 2012 the number of people practicing meditation has tripled. Meditation is now the second most popular Mind and Body practice in the US; which makes it more popular than seeing a chiropractor, and places it just behind yoga.

Today we are sharing with you 3 complimentary guided meditations by Marika; to support you level up your clarity, presence and self confidence:

Presence Amplifier: our shortest meditation to do every morning or anytime you feel the need to recenter and ground.

Energy Alignment: a 20-minute meditation to do once a week to rebalance and raise your energy, and maintain energetic hygiene.

Evening Meditation: A 20-minute meditation to do when you have trouble sleeping or to set yourself up for a restoring and peaceful sleep. Meditation can cut the wake time of insomniacs by at least 50%; try it!

Is taking decisions making you anxious these days?

The current climate has made it drastically more challenging for us to have the visibility and clarity we need to make decisions; often leaving us feeling stressed, anxious and stuck.

On this month’s video, Marika explores how to get unstuck in our decision making process and get out of analysis paralysis in order to reclaim a state of momentum and flow in our personal and professional lives.

Watch the video to get Marika’s insight on the 3 pillars we need to work on for us to make the best decisions available to us in each moment.

Stephanie von Watzdorf – Founder of Figue – Fashion/Interiors/Beauty Consultant – New York

The Women Leadership retreat provided me with a sense of community. Being surrounded with women was both sacred and powerful, especially after experiencing a year of challenges both on a personal and professional level. The group came together with respect, openness and compassion; with no sense of competition which can often happen with strong women in a group setting.

Marika has a smart, thoughtful compassion disposition and a calm spirit which
easily allows individuals to connect, share and express and I would definitely recommend working with her. The process is strategically organised to help you think from both sides of the mind – right brain and left brain – whatever your strengths.

It is always good to think about how we can be the best of ourselves as humans, leaders and female entrepreneurs. Only good can come out of this experience, if you are OPEN to it.”

Conscious Leadership Assessment

The beginning of anyone leveling up in their life is being conscious about where they are in the present moment.

Through the years of coaching business leaders towards personal and financial success, Marika has built ‘The Conscious Leadership Assessment Tool’, a five minute quiz giving you a clear insight into where you stand as a leader and the steps you can take towards honouring your potential.

As part of ConsciousLeadership.Org mission to elevate business through humanity, we will be offering this quiz, your evaluation and follow up video-series complimentary. Just click the link to begin your process towards clarity, empowerment and constructive change.