MAY 2024

Thriving in a Distributed World: Lessons from Atlassian

Atlassian, a software leader, thrives with a distributed workforce model, boosting productivity and attracting global talent. Learn their secrets.

The Future of Work From Home

Despite CEO concerns, data reveals hybrid work models with a mix of remote and in-person work are the future.

Tension is Rising Around Remote Work

This amazing article offers a 4-step plan for leaders to collaborate with employees for a win-win solution. Check it out!

Prioritise Your Wellbeing with these Free Guided Meditation

In today’s fast-paced environment, taking “Me time” for mental and emotional wellbeing isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Introducing Marika’s Guided Meditations! Inspired by Native American traditions, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness techniques, these guided journeys will help you: Uncover your authentic self, elevate your emotional state and  help you craft a meaningful vision.

Marika’s renowned program creates a safe space for deep transformation, equipping you with practical tools for lasting positive change. Ready to prioritise your wellbeing and unlock your full potential?

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