November 2023

Finding The Courage To Be Yourself: Ron West’s TEDx Talk

As Ron West says: Our true selves exist beyond society’s descriptions. It’s time we value our uniqueness and harness its power.

I really encourage you to watch this short Tedx talk, I truly relate with Ron’s view on courage, commend his vulnerability and love his sense of humour.

The Sticky from the Inside Podcast Feature

In this episode Andy Goram and I explore the impact of values, ethics, and well-being on driving lasting organisational change.

We discuss how unlocking your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual potential, helps you become a more effective leader. And so much more!

The Role of Collective Behaviours in Effecting Systemic Change

Collective behaviours play a crucial role in effecting systemic change.

The power of collective behaviour lies in its ability to thrust societal issues into the forefront, instigate dialogue, and spur transformative action.

The Ubunifu Lamu Initiative Story

We have created a web page dedicated to Ubunifu Lamu, an Initiative and inspiring journey that I’m proud to be a part of.

Click the link below to watch our latest documentary that we released on the 15th of November 2023 at our Hauser & Wirth event.

The Ubunifu Lamu Initiative shines as a beacon of hope, nurtured by creativity, and geared towards contribution to society. However, it reaches beyond creativity; it’s about our future innovators, inventors, artists, and above all, our children.

This space is more than a building. It’s a melting pot of diverse talents in full bloom – a hub where children can dream, create, and grow. Here the children soak in more than just fashion or design, they learn lessons on leadership, teamwork, and most importantly, self-expression.