October 2023

Podcast Feature in Talent Optimization Podcast

In this episode, Traci Scherck and I explore how truth, values, and honesty drive authenticity and contribute towards a progressive culture in companies. We also discuss how these principles enhance performance and impact. Tune in to learn how to seek alignment through the power of consciousness.

Mantu’s CEO Olivier Brourhant Intervention: OVHcloudSummit – 2019

I recently met Olivier Brourhant at a French Founders event, he’s an awe inspiring visionary and Conscious Leader. Check out this video from the OVHcloudSummit, where Olivier and Octave Klaba announced a revolutionary joint project between Mantu and OVH.

The Power of Truth: Conscious Leadership in Every Aspect of Life

Let’s dive deep into the power of truth – the essential catalyst for Conscious Leadership. Discover how rooting in truth can unlock our potential as conscious leaders, pave the way for a better tomorrow, and ignite our capability to carve a new world – one truth at a time.

Real Results For Real People

The journey towards becoming impactful leaders is filled with illuminating transformations, and we at consciousleadership.org aim to aid individuals and organisations on this path.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our newest video testimonial. In it, you will see firsthand, the compelling narratives of our clients, their struggles, and triumphs; how they turned themselves and their organisations around, and how they flourish under the guidance of conscious leadership.

Let’s continue to grow, evolve, and make an indelible impact on our surroundings. Thank you for being a part of our conscious leadership community