Lead Your Life

June 2021

Reparent the Younger You

Growth starts with awareness of what behaviors we unconsciously brought with us from the past. It’s only when we are aware of the root of a behavior that we can change it.

The good news is it’s never too late to heal your wounds. You need to understand your source of pain and reparent yourself to change the foundation you built for your adult life.

Read our blog on Reparent the Younger You, and learn how you can reconnect with your inner child to liberate yourself from the weight of childhood insecurities and conditioning.


Learning to forgive yourself and others will heal your heart, free your mind and liberate you from the pain. While we hold anger, blame and resentment, we are putting ourselves in that negative place and this does not serve us. Forgiveness is an act of self-love, it’s an act of self-care. Be kind to yourself.

This month, we are sharing with you this meditation on forgiveness from our 21-Day ARISE Meditation Course. Take time to listen and learn how you can move forward to find strength to forgive others and to forgive yourself.

Be Present and Become Your True Self

The question you really want to ask yourself – is your soul on fire? 

Are you really happy?  Are you passionate about what you do?

You have to take the time to ask these questions because we owe it to ourselves to be happy, to be passionate about life.  

Watch this video to learn how you can take the next steps to being present, honoring your potential, and becoming your true self.

Sascha Safai
Head of Marketing, Bluebell Capital Partners Limited – London

“Thanks to the meditations, I found a level of calm and peace I had not felt for a long time. It was both powerful and greatly enjoyable. The meditations made me step back and reassess certain aspects in my life that were not bringing me joy, which I then took action on. I have also learned to focus only on what brings good energy into my life.   Each session provided a moment of much needed stillness and calmness that I needed to gain some clarity. Marika is extremely soothing and calming which helps to get you to the meditative state required where transformation and healing can really begin. Do not hesitate!”

Conscious Leadership Assessment

 The beginning of anyone leveling up in their life is being conscious about where they are in the present moment.


Through the years of coaching business leaders towards personal and financial success, Marika has built ‘The Conscious Leadership Assessment Tool’, a five minute quiz giving you a clear insight into where you stand as a leader and the steps you can take towards honouring your potential.

As part of ConsciousLeadership.Org mission to elevate business through humanity, we will be offering this quiz, your evaluation and follow up video-series complimentary. Just click the link to begin your process towards clarity, empowerment and constructive change.