Lead Your Life

October 2022

Navigating difficult conversations

Any conflict that comes up in your personal or professional life can go either way, you either smoothly reach a mutual agreement or end up having that difficult conversation. And most people do not like being in this position.

Being in a higher state of consciousness and awareness of your emotional state is what makes the real difference.

Read our blog to know how best to navigate through difficult conversations.

How to practice Conscious Leadership

In this feature in the Business Graduates Association, I talk about what Conscious Leadership is and more importantly how we can practice and implement it in our lives in order to level up and achieve the success that we have envisioned for ourselves.

I invite you to explore the three pillars of Conscious Leadership in this article and see how they can help you create your success.

Meditation on Navigating Conflict

It is important that we look deep within and discover the roles we play in conflict and drama. It is here that we learn to navigate difficult situations with clarity and calm.

To help support you in navigating conflicts, we are gifting you today with one of our 21-day ARISE meditations, that will keep you centered and focused as you forge through trying times.


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ARISE is a 21-day meditation course uniquely designed to support you find focus, increase self-awareness, and feel more confident and trusting in uncertain times.

Each week will be a mix of Clarity, Presence, and Creation meditations to support your individual transformation and create sustainable success in all dimensions of your life.