Forget About Time Management

It is said that time management is the key to being efficient and generating more output with less time.

Maximising your work day seems to be the logical solution. But the truth is, having to manage so many things in the limited hours of a day puts so much unnecessary stress on you – so FORGET about time management.

In this blog we are debunking this myth, plus we are giving you strategies that actually work to make you more productive.


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The 7 Why’s

To learn Purposeful Leverage better,
we are sharing with you the 7 Why’s

Redefining the
Good Life

Sharing with you a talk from Joan Antoni Mele, Board member of Triodos Bank and President of the Money

Be Present and Become
Your True Self

The question you really want to ask yourself – is your soul on fire?  Are you really happy?  Are you passionate about what you do?

On Forgiveness

Working on forgiveness of the Self and others in order to heal our hearts, free our minds and liberate ourselves from pain…

Bad Habits Gone Wrong?

In this video, Marika discusses bad habits and addictions and gives some insights on why for a lot of us, our bad habits have gone worse…

The Emotional

With the The Emotional Surfboard™, we invite you to feel whatever emotion comes up for you to completion, to give your emotion the space it needs and most importantly to learn from it and…

You Aren’t at the Mercy
of Your Own Emotions

In this very insightful Ted Talk, psychology professor Lisa Feldman Barrett shares her exhaustive research and explains how we may have much more control over our emotions than we think…

Lost Your Drive?


In this month’s video, Marika explores with us the root cause of why we can lose our drive and our motivation and what we can
do to re-awaken it.

Analysis Paralysis?


Is taking decisions making you anxious these days? The current climate has made it drastically more challenging for us to have the visibility and clarity we need to make decisions….

Be the Person
You Want to Become

In this blog post, we will be talking about self-actualization; realizing the best version of ourselves. Today we will guide you through defining your core values, and see how that translates…

Conscious Leadership

The beginning of anyone leveling up in their life is being conscious about where they are in the present moment. Through years of coaching business leaders towards personal and…

Free Guided Meditations
for All Levels

Since 2012, the number of people practicing meditation has tripled. Meditation is now the second most popular Mind and Body practice in the US; which makes it more popular…

The Surprising Habits of
Original Thinkers

Originals thinkers, feel fear and doubt. They procrastinate. Originals are afraid of failing but they are even more afraid of failing to try. Therefore they are the ones who…

The Power of
Emotional Agility

To be a truly impactful leader in today’s world, Emotional Intelligence has proven to be where the real winners operate from. In this blog post, we share with you why whether…

On-Demand Free

This month, we are making our “Refocus and Plan for Success” masterclass available on demand; so that you can educate and support yourself at the most convenient time…

Clear is Kind.
Unclear is Unkind.

Being clear about our needs, wants and expectations as well as daring to have the tough conversations is crucial both in our personal and professional lives if we want to foster connected…

The Presence Amplifier

Building a solid meditation routine is one of the best thing one can do for the Self. Meditation has many benefits. A Research conducted in 2016 sought to discover the health benefits of…

The 2020 Awakener

As we have been forced to face deeper parts of ourselves, transformation has been pushed to take place on many levels. From this perspective, we can see how the past year has been an ally…

Designing Our
Best Self

In this blog post, we are emphasizing the importance of constantly growing and how to create a life that supports our new level of self. Through shedding tolerations…

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